G4 Vessel Reporting & Monitoring System

Real-Time, Military-Grade Data Acquisition for your Vessels' Top Performance

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The first fully automated reporting and
real-time data validating system.

Our mission is to assist the shipping industry to adopt the technologies of today, while providing flexible solutions that will improve the transparency and efficiency of its operations.

Real-Time Data

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The G4 System processes and analyzes data in real-time, turning complex navigation and voyage calculations into instantly available information for your crew and office.

Complete Reporting

The G4 is the only system able to create and distribute fully automatic reports to dramatically reduce employee work, while addressing regulatory requirements.

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Automated Alarms

Receive instant alarm notifications from real-time vessel data. Whenever a critical condition is identified, the controller will then take actions to notify both vessel & office.

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The G4 system uses the same technology found on satellites, bridges, military locations and airplanes. The system software code runs directly on an FPGA chip, independent from any operating system. This prevents cyber attacks and eliminates any vulnerabilities related to operating software.

Superior Data

The data generated by the G4 reporting & performance monitoring system is based on real-time measurements from sensors located in different parts of the vessels. This way of monitoring the data offers automated rectification of data gaps and guarantees superior, real-time data accuracy at all times.

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Cost Saving

The G4 system allows you to receive insights on vessel fuel consumption, hull cleaning status, weather conditions at the time of voyage and more. These information allow you to take informed decisions and achieve the best vessel performance possible in terms of fuel and voyage time saving.

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Superior Data & REPORTING Accuracy

Instant Data

The G4 system uses a dynamic, real-time method to monitor voyage performance: the captain’s only job is to click a button to notify the system about voyage start and end.

Voyage Events such as Interruption Times, Anchoring, Drifting etc. are automatically identified and reported in real-time.

6-months learning after Sea Trials

Traditionally, vessel performance is based on data from the sea trials. The G4 system is not limited to sea trials data: for the first 6 months after installation, it collects and analyzes accurate data for future use.

The duration of sea trials is simply not enough to collect qualitative, error-free data for the future of the vessel performance monitoring.

Many times the data collected during sea trials can contain errors and gaps: the 6-month extended sea trials assures that the G4 system collects clean, accurate data for optimized future performance monitoring.

Automatically detects and fixes errors

The controller in the G4 system continuously monitors the vessel sensors for alarm conditions or anything that deviates from normal. If a critical condition is identified, the controller will take immediate corrective actions to automatically fill data gaps.

If the abnormal situation persists, the system then notifies the interface computers accordingly both onshore and onboard.

Fully Automatic Reporting

The system is designed to monitor and provide fully automatic reporting on a voyage-to-voyage basis to serve the requirements of a multi-vessel managing shipping companies.

This involves Passage reports that usually start and end on pilot stations, Port reports that would include Arrival/Departure standby and Noon reports that would be reported on vessel local time.

The G4 is the only system able to create and distribute fully automatic reports that dramatically reduce employee work, while addressing office and regulatory requirements.

100% real-time dynamic data acquisition

The G4 vessel performance monitoring system uses embedded Hardware In the Loop (HIL) technology to acquire, log and analyze data in real-time implementing a high-end embedded FPGA chip by National Instruments certified for marine use by Lloyd’s Register. 

The same top-of-the-line technology is widely implemented in the aerospace, automotive and construction industry.

The G4 System processes and analyzes data in real-time, turning complex navigation and voyage calculations into instantly available information for your crew and office.

Hull Efficiency

  • Predict Hull Resistance
  • Real-Time Speed Optimization
  • Hull Fouling Alerts
  • Weather Forecast Service
  •  Monitor Propulsion Efficiency
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Engine Efficiency

  • Monitor Engine FOC (Fuel Oil
  • Monitor  Engine Performance
  • Engine Critical Condition Alerts
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Propeller Efficiency

  • Monitor Propulsion Dynamics
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Fully Automated Reporting

G4 creates Automated Noon, Arrival and Departure reports that analyze voyage performance and vessel technical condition with no need for human input.

The G4 system automatically calculates, analyzes and reports voyage emissions performance as required and legislated by IMO DCS and MRV guidelines.

All these reports are paperless and automatically generated by the G4 system: there is no need for post-processing of data, human input or extra hours. The real-time reporting happens in line with the voyage time, eliminating any chance of losing important data due to human error and data processing inaccuracies.

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